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Exclusive Services

Return/cancellation Policy

Invok offers the industry standard 30 day trial period. If your not absolutely loving the ride, original owners may return their bike for a full refund at any point during the first 30 days of ownership provided the bike is returned in like-new condition.


Products may be subject to a restocking fee of  up to 20% of the MSRP of the product(s). Product(s) expressing significant signs of use, wear, or visible damage, may be subject to the restocking fee. 

Original owners are responsible for all return shipping costs, and bike packaging for shipping.


Offer only valid for original owners with proof of receipt. 


Frame Crash Replacement

Sometimes you crash. Sometimes you back over your bike with your car. We have all been there, and we got you covered. Invok offers a one time frame replacement, no questions asked to original owners. Our crash replacement program offers Invoke frames at a 50% discount off of our MSRP pricing. Crash Replacement only valid for original owners with proof of receipt. 



Are your bikes built in Canada?

Yes, we assemble all of our bikes in Alberta Canada. 

Are your bikes made in Canada? 

No. Like the majority of the bike industry, our bikes are produced in Taiwan and Asia Pacific. We perform an extensive quality assurance check prior to assembly and shipping to our customers. Our frames are tested to the industry standard ISO4210. 

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, all of our frames come with a 5 year manufactures warranty. See the warranty section for details. 


Do you ship to the United States? 



Do you offer crash replacement? 

Well....... we do feel sorry for you if you mess up your ride, so yes we do. Check out our crash replacement section for more details.  


How do I buy a bike? 

We sell direct to our customers from this website. We only sell factory direct so our customers don't have to pay as much for wicked awesome bikes! 

Why haven't I heard of you before? 

We are new. You've got to start somewhere right? 

Why are your bikes so much cheaper then other brands? 

We sell factory direct to consumer. Its just that simple. 



All Invok frames offer a 5 year manufactures warranty against structural defects. Warranty only valid for original owners with proof of receipt. 

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